Tesla Jackstand Safety Puck System for Model 3 Model S Model X-Set of 4

$55.00 $80.00

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This Jackstand Safety Puck System comes with a convenient pouch for storage and is designed specifically for your Tesla vehicle.

Sold elsewhere for up to $80, this is one product that every Tesla driver has in their frunk.  Unlike other manufacturers we sell them as a set (of 4 pucks) for the lowest price online! 

Don’t wait until you suffer costly damage to your Tesla. Enjoy peace of mind whenever your vehicle is being lifted by a jackstand or hydraulic lift. Avoid the nightmare of costly damage to your battery.

Excellent gift for the Tesla owner in your life!


Actually, I forgot that I bought them....until I got the flat tire that made me late for work one morning. The mechanic asked ME if it were okay to use a hydraulic jack to lift my car. Then, I remembered that I had them in the frunk. It made us both confident and happy. thanks EVPC

----Becky  Elmhurst, IL

"Wow! ...sure wish I had these when the jackstand fell and almost damaged my Model 3 battery. I was lucky but I won't take that chance anymore. P.S. this accident is not covered under your warranty if you damage your Tesla battery"

----Brian Fillmore, Ca

The peace of mind is worth the investment. Every Tesla driver spends more on tires than on electric fuel.

----James Naples, FL