NEW - Tesla Model 3 Power Lift Gate with Hands-Free Sensor

$499.00 $599.00


Our Auto Trunk Power Lift Gate Kit provides additional value to your Tesla Model 3. Its a "smart trunk" sensor system for your "smart car".

Compatible with all Tesla Model 3 with original car key for soft opening or closing the trunk. An elegant touch that will increase the value of your vehicle.

Add the convenient "foot sensor feature" and it will easily open and close your trunk by simply kicking your foot in the sensing area under the vehicle or pressing the button...and your trunk will automatically open!

The maximum trunk opening height is set the exact same way as with Tesla's factory power liftgate – by manually adjusting the trunk to your preferred height and pressing and holding the closing button until you get a beep as confirmation. 

The Power Lift Gate Opener can also be controlled by the original car remote key. (if you have a key fob) It also comes with a control module that gives you usage via key fob. Your order contains everything you need to install the power liftgate and the impressive foot sensor system. (foot sensor optional)

The installation is fully reversible if required, but we’re sure this is a premium feature you won’t regret adding. Installation does not influence the appearance of the car. Your original trunk button will now operate the power lift gate system.

Once correctly installed, you can open your truck automatically hands-free, and all other Tesla original functions are still valid. 

Your order comes with -1 Wire Harness -2 Induction Cables -1 Controller Box

Convenient when:

  1. The car is dirty and dusty.
  2. Your hands are full of bags after shopping.
  3. The car is covered with snow
  4. Not tall enough to press the open/close button.

Foot sensor system requires purchase of the power lift gate kit.

Professional installation recommended.