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Tesla Jackstand Puck Safety System

Tesla Jackstand Puck Safety System

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This is one product that every Tesla owner must have!

This Jackstand Puck Safety System is amazing!  

Just think. You'll never again have to watch with concern when a mechanic is poking the underbelly of your Tesla to change a tire. (If you've never watched and worried then you probably should have).

Your vehicle has been engineered to use these safety pucks and this kit is designed specifically for your Tesla and should be used anytime you're raising your vehicle off the ground.

Your battery is the most expensive replacement part on your Tesla!

Protect your battery from costly accidental damage!

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that a trip to the tire store will never turn into a nightmare.

Store them in your frunk and you'll always know where to find them fast because this kit comes with a zippered pouch for easy storage and convenience.

Unlike other online manufacturers ours are made of durable high density rubber, and we offer them as a set (of 4 pucks) for the lowest price online!  

If you don't place your order today we'll assume you already have safety pucks for your Tesla because we know you would buy them if you didn't.

Excellent gift idea for the Tesla owner in your life!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



Actually, I forgot that I bought them...until I got the flat tire that made me late for work one morning. The mechanic asked ME if it were okay to use a hydraulic floor jack to lift my car. Then, I remembered that I had my puck safety kit in the frunk. It made us both confident and happy. Thanks EVPC

----Becky   Elmhurst, IL

"Wow! ...sure wish I had these when the jackstand slipped and almost damaged my Model 3 battery. I was lucky but I won't take that chance anymore. p.s. this damage is not covered under your insurance or vehicle warranty if you damage your Tesla battery"

----Brian   Fillmore, Ca

The peace of mind is worth the investment in this kit. Every Tesla driver knows that we will spend more on tires than on electric fuel.

----James   Naples, FL




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