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NEW - SmartSunglasses - Wireless - Answer calls with your sunglasses!

NEW - SmartSunglasses - Wireless - Answer calls with your sunglasses!

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Smart Sunglasses are part of the new wearable technology. If you own a pair you can perform a range of tasks...hands-free! 

Play music only you can hear. It's like being in your own private world!

Watch videos in private with audio sound being broadcast only to you,...right through your sunglasses!

These Smart Sunglasses are designed to be comfortable, with feather-weight non-prescription polarized lenses that won’t impede your vision,

Great for jogging, cycling, taking the dog for a walk, or simply relaxing by the pool.

When you're on the go, take them with you! 

Designed with instant bluetooth audio transfer so you can step out of your Tesla and TAKE YOUR MUSIC WITH YOU when you leave the car.

These classic RayBan design polarized sunglasses are low profile but with built-in button controls, including the use of your existing smart assistants like Siri and Alexa.

These sunglasses look great on men, women, and even children!

Includes ear plugs, USB charging cord, lense cleaning cloth, users manual, and slick fold away carrying case!

This winter.....don't leave home without them!


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