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EV Premium Customs Featured on Electrek Magazine: "Tesla vehicles made more comfortable with new custom headrest"

EV Premium Customs Featured on Electrek Magazine:

A new accessory for Tesla vehicles is now available and it attaches to your headrest to help your posture and result in a more comfortable ride.

I ran into Derek Ward from EVPremiumCustoms.com at a Tesla owners event last month and he brought a new product he was launching: custom neck headrest for Tesla vehicles.

The embroidered headrests are made of breathable vegan leather and they easily attach to Tesla’s own headrest.

What we call “headrest” in a car is more of a head-protector since there’s no way to really rest your head on it and be in a comfortable position when driving – and that’s not just in Tesla vehicles but in any car really.

These headrests actually allow you to rest your neck and head on the seat while still maintaining a good posture to drive.

Derek gave me a pair and I tested them out in Jamie’s Model 3:

I liked them a lot. It results in having a much different posture in your seat that I personally feel is more comfortable for both your neck and your whole back.

The cushion helps with the whiplash from the crazy acceleration of Tesla’s vehicles and it’s more comfortable on longer drives on Autopilot (not responsible if you fall asleep, you should always stay alert and vigilant).

It also looks pretty good and like it belongs in a Tesla. Tesla vehicles, especially Model 3, are becoming increasingly popular on the road and it’s nice to make yours a little more unique – while making it more comfortable. Enjoy your life.

It’s available in several different colors. I think it looks particularly good in the white interior:


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